About The Plantiffs

On December 19th, 2011, seven citizens joined together in filing a Notice of Claim Against the City pursuant to the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.

These seven citizens are Randy Wall, 51, who suffers from AIDS; Ruth Wall, Randy’s 79 year old mother, a Registered Nurse who is her son’s primary caregiver; Carolina  Moreno, a 32 year old single mother who is a cancer victim; John Riccio, a 31 year old disabled Navy Veteran; Bettie Cain, a 65 year old retired loan officer and horticulturist who is a breast cancer survivor; Sylvia Gutierrez,  a 43 year old mother of three who is severely disabled from a failed surgery; Daante V.E. Tiraado, a 50 year old disabled veteran who lives with an inoperable broken neck.

The seven are represented by Compassionate Use Law attorney Katherine Clifton.