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San Diego City Initiative

The  Compassionate Use Dispensary Regulation and Taxation Act accomplishes the following:

›  Establishes Zones Where Compassionate Use Dispensaries Are Allowed To Operate

    ›  Allows dispensaries in commercial zones and industrial light zones.

›  Prohibits Compassionate Use Dispensaries From Operating In Sensitive Zones - including residential zones and near areas where children congregate

    ›  Prohibits dispensaries from operating in Residential, Agricultural and Industrial Heavy base zones.

›  Empowers The City To Collect Supplemental Tax Revenue, Of 2.5%, For The City Budget From Compassionate Use Dispensaries

›   Allows The City To Levy Cost Recovery Fees To Mitigate The Cost  Of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Regulation

›  The city can implement cost recovery fees for any costs associated with the Compassionate Use Dispensary Act

›  Establishes Operational Standards for compassionate use dispensary including operational hours, security measures, and signage standards

§  Security Guard Requirements.

§  Security Cameras Requirements

§  Alarm System Requirements

§  Interior and Exterior Lighting Requirements

§  Secured Storage of Medical Cannabis.

§  Hours of Operation Requirements

§  Exterior and Interior Signage Requirements

§  Prohibits Alcoholic Beverages on Premises

§  No Cannabis Visible from Exterior of Compassionate Use Dispensaries.

§  Labeling Requirements for Edibles

§  Restrictions on Dispensing to Qualified Patients Under Eighteen Years of Age.

§  No Evaluations for the Use of Medical Cannabis Allowed on Premises.

§  Background Checks and Training Required for Directors.