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Prop H Ballot Argument

Proposition H , REGULATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA COMPASSIONATE USE DISPENSARIES,  will  allow safe, regulated access to medical marijuana for qualified patients in the City of Del Mar by allowing medical marijuana dispensaries , operating  in full compliance with California State law.

In 1996, the majority of voters in California and in the City of Del Mar voted for the Compassionate Use Act, which allowed patient access to medical marijuana. In 2010, the voters of Del Mar again chose to defeat the black market and reaffirmed their desire for regulation and oversight of marijuana, by voting overwhelmingly in favor of Proposition 19. 

Despite the clear will of the public, there is still no safe access to medical marijuana in the City of Del Mar.

Research from UC San Diego has shown medical marijuana to be an effective treatment for the effects of cancer radiation therapy, debilitating arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other pain conditions affecting the large senior population in our City. Today, Del Mar patients are forced to use less effective and more costly pharmaceuticals to manage their pain or to turn to black market dealers for their medicine.

Proposition H ensures the safety of patients and the community by including security requirements including alarm systems, security cameras, lighting standards, and restricting hours of operation.

Proposition H ensure that medical marijuana dispensaries are located in appropriate areas. It prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries in residential zones and areas where children congregate.

Proposition H requires a large buffer between dispensaries to allow patient access, while avoiding a concentration of dispensaries in Del Mar.

Proposition H includes cost recovery fees to ensure that the safe access to qualified patients does not become a financial burden on the city.

Join us in supporting patients and caregivers in Del Mar! Vote "Yes" on Proposition H.

Linda Strause, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Clinical Operations, Drug Research Firm

Founding Chair, Ethics, SD Hospice,



Charles R. Imes

Patient and Cancer Survivor                       


Lori Saldana

Former Speaker Pro Tempore, California Assembly


Leo Laurence, J.D.

Former Sheriff’s Deputy, Speaker Law Enforcement Against Prohibition