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Why Support Prop H

Provides Local Community with much needed regulation for medical marijuana dispensaries

  • Establishes zones where Compassionate Use Dispensaries are allowed to operate
    • Prohibits operation in residential zones
    • Allows operation in commercial and industrial zones
      • Dispensaries must be 600 feet from schools and playgrounds
      • Dispensaries must be 1,000 feet from another dispensary
  • Allows the city to levy cost recovery fees to mitigate the cost of medical marijuana dispensary regulation. 
  • Establishes operational standards including operating hours, security measures, and signage standards.

Delivery services Are NOT The Solution

  • No local oversight.  Delivery services are not registered and there is no mechanism to allow for inspections or certifications.
    • Lack of oversight gives Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s) access to participate and operate in concert with state-licensed operators within city limits
  • They are dangerous for the drivers and the patients
    • Delivery drivers visiting previously unvisited locations with medical marijuana and cash in their vehicles.

It is the Will Of the Voters

·         The Compassionate Use act WON in 1996 in San Diego County (52% of the vote)

·         Proposition 19 won in Del Mar by 59% (the highest rate in the county of San Diego!)