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Prop W in Solana Beach

In 1996, the voters of California, along with the majority of voters in Solana Beach, approved the Compassionate Use Act to allow qualified patients access to medical marijuana.  More than fifteen years later, Solana Beach patients still do not have access to medical marijuana in our community.

In order to fulfill the promise of the Compassionate Use Act,  the qualified patients, primary caregivers, and supportive residents of Solana Beach banded together to qualify Proposition W,  “An Initiative Amending The Solana Beach Municipal Code To Allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Nonresidential Zones In The City Of Solana Beach”, for a vote of the people on the November ballot. 

This initiative proposal would allow for safe, regulated access to medical marijuana in the City of Solana Beach for qualified patients with a valid doctor's recommendation through well-lit, secure storefront dispensaries operating in full compliance with the California Compassionate Use Act.

The initiative sets strict operating and safety requirements for medical marijuana dispensaries, including security cameras, alarms, and guards.  The initiative requires dispensaries to act as responsible neighbors with limited operating hours, appropriate signage, and appointed community liaisons.

The initiative ensures that dispensaries will be responsibly zoned by prohibiting them in residential zones and including a large buffer between dispensaries in order to limit their numbers and density.

The initiative ensures that dispensaries will not be a burden on City resources by including cost-recovery fees.

It is time to reject the unregulated black market, where criminals profit from patients. Join us in affirm the rights of Solana Beach patients to obtain medical marijuana from other patients in a regulated environment with strong oversight.  Vote Yes on Proposition W. 

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