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Citizens for Patient Rights and the Patient Care Association Publish Their Initiative for Safe Access to Medical Marijuana in San Diego City!

posted Dec 19, 2011, 4:03 PM by Citizens For Patients Rights   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 4:03 PM ]

Citizens for Patient Rights, in association with the Patient Care Association, is proud to announce the submission of our initiative proposal for medical marijuana collective regulation and taxation in the City of San Diego.

The initiative proposal was submitted to the San Diego City Clerk at 2:30pm on Monday, December 19th.

This initiative proposal was crafted after consultation with representatives of city government, community groups, patients and the general public regarding their concerns about medical marijuana collectives.  We have found that the greater community is compassionate towards medical marijuana patients and supports the rights of all patients to have access to cannabis medication in San Diego City. 

The main concerns we heard focused on operational safety - collective security measures and operating standards. Therefore, our initiative has been written with these concepts in mind, making sure that collectives operate as responsible good neighbors, serving the needs of the patients and the community at large.

We also feel that it is important that collectives contribute directly to the City of San Diego, so we have included a tax on storefront collectives, so that the collective will have a direct, positive impact on the city budget.

Our initiative proposal covers the following point:

  • Prohibits collective operation in inappropriate zones, including residential zones or near areas where children gather.
  • Operational Security Requirements
  • Operational Building Interior and Exterior Appearance Requirements
  • Operational Personnel requirements
  • Verification of adherence to Operational Requirements
  • Fees on collectives for cost recovery
  • A supplemental sales tax levied on collectives for local use


We will need 62,057 signatures for our initiative petition in order to qualify for the November ballot.  We will have a period of six months in which to gather these signatures. 


We have full confidence that we will qualify for the November ballot, having recently completed a signature gathering campaign for a referendum initiative to overturn a severely restrictive ordinance within thirty days. In the referendum effort, we saw the overwhelming public support, as we succeeded in submitting over 15,000 additional signatures above and beyond those needed to qualify our referendum within the thirty day window.


We are confident that we will prevail in enacting fair regulations that meet the needs of patients, caregivers and the community at large through the direct democracy process. 

Citizens For Patients Rights,
Dec 19, 2011, 4:03 PM