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San Diego Public Safety Hearing on Medical Marijuana Products!

posted Apr 12, 2014, 9:53 AM by Citizens For Patients Rights
Public Safety Hearing on Medical Marijuana Products
Wednesday, April 16th at 2pm
City Council Committee Room, 12th Floor, San Diego City Hall
202 C ST, San Diego, CA 92101
More Information: (858) 598-4215
Next Wednesday, April 16th at 2pm, the  Public Safety Committee will be looking into further regulations of medical marijuana in San Diego City. 
 Specifically, they will be looking at further regulations of the production and sales of edibles, concentrates and other medical marijuana products, as well as a wide range of other possible regulations, including further restrictions on labeling and testing for medical marijuana products, delivery and cultivation regulations.   
Help us convince San Diego City not to limit patients' access to edibles and concentrates.  If you are a patient who benefits from medical marijuana edibles, lozenges, tinctures, vaporized oils or other alternative delivery form, please attend and tell the City Councilmembers how these forms of medicine helps you and why it is important to have choices!
We also need to hear from medical marijuana product manufacturers and product experts about how hash oil and other concentrated products can be safely extracted without butane. 
We need to hear from doctors and other experts as to why different medical marijuana forms and products are needed by different patients. 
If you represent a mmj testing laboratory, the council needs input on how potency levels are measured and how contaminants can be detected. 
San Diego City has recently passed very restrictive zoning regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries. This zoning ordinance and along with an mmj public safety ordinance will be implemented, for the first time, later this month. 
 We urge all patients to attend, and tell the city councilmembers to give their existing regulations a chance to function, before examining further punitive measures. 
If you would like to speak, we need your voice. Please join us at 2pm on Wednesday for the public safety committee meeting.  Anyone will be allowed to speak during public comment for the agenda item.  You don't need to have a speech or be formal -  just stand up and say what is on your mind in a few sentences.  
We hope to see you there! Please invite other sympathetic patients to attend as well!