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Gather Signatures for the Initiative!

Download the Signature Gathering Packet

How To Gather Signatures

Who Can Gather Signatures

To be qualified to gather signatures, you must be over 18 years of age, be registered to vote in the State of California, and not currently be on parole for a felony conviction

Where Are Good Places to Gather Signatures

  • At a collective
  • At a public place where many people gather, such as a farmer's market
  • Outside of a large store such as a Walmart or Target - but be sure to remain 10 to 12 feet from the door, approach people politely, and never block their way
  • In your daily life

What Do You Need to Gather Signatures

  • A petition packet, supplied by the Citizens for Patients Rights
  • Clipboards or another surface to write on
  • Pens - preferably blue

How to Gather Signatures

  • Collect signatures only from registered voters who reside in the City of San Diego
  • Ask voters if they have already signed the petition. If they have, do not have them sign again – we do not want to have duplicate signatures
  • Make sure every voter fills out the petition and signs in ink - no pencils
  • Watch every voter physically fill out and sign the petition
    • It is against the law for you or anyone else to fill in voters' information or sign for them
  • For the signature to count, you must witness it
  • Make sure the voter fills out the petition correctly
  • Voters must print their name, residential addresses, and the date on which they signed the petition LEGIBLY
  • If a voter makes a minor mistake, ask the voter to cross out the mistake, initial this alteration, and correct the mistake
  • If a voter makes a major mistake, ask the voter to cross out the entire box, initial this alteration, and start again in a new box
  • Do not use white-out or correction tape
  • Voters must write their names, residential addresses, and the date CORRECTLY
    • Voters must print and sign their name exactly as they are registered to vote - no nicknames or abbreviations
    • Voters must provide the address of their residence in the City of San Diego, which must be the same address as the address that they provided to the Registrar of Voters - No P.O. boxes or business addresses
    • Voters must provide their complete residential address - no abbreviations for the street name or for San Diego, and no using ditto marks
    • Voters must write on what date that they signed the petition - make sure they do not put in their date of birth
  • Have voters sign the petition sequentially, one box at a time

What Are Your Duties as a Signature Gatherer

  • Above all, be honest to the voters – it is illegal to misrepresent what the petition states
  • Sign the affidavit of authenticity at the end of the petition packet – but only AFTER you are finished collecting signatures
  • Sign SOMEONE ELSE'S petition – you cannot sign your own petition packet
    • You cannot sign a petition that you are authenticating, because you cannot authenticate your own signature
    • Keep your petition packet safe
  • Only you can witness the signatures on your packet. You cannot pass your packet to someone else. Instead, every signature gatherer needs to have their own packets
      • For collectives, this means that every employee who gatherers signatures from members needs to have his or her own packet. You CANNOT pass the packet around from member to member or from shift to shift.
  • Keep every page of your petition packet stapled together at all times. DO NOT unstaple the packets, change the order of the pages, or remove pages.
    • Remember that every signature counts
  • Even if you gather only one signature, turn in your packet
  • Do not fill in information for a voter
  • Do not write in the margins or blank areas of the petition


Have Questions? Contact Eddie at Citizens for Patients Rights at

citizens4patientsrights@gmail.com   858-568-5783

Citizens For Patients Rights,
Mar 26, 2012, 3:08 PM
Citizens For Patients Rights,
Mar 26, 2012, 2:57 PM